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About ... - Your password

Воскресенье, 16 Декабря 2018 г. 15:06 + в цитатник

Проверяю сегодня почту, а там в папке спам, письмо от некоего James... Обычно я папку спам всегда сразу чищу, но в заголовке этого письма был мой пароль

About ... - Your password/2493280_About___Your_password (700x163, 44Kb)

Ну хорошо... Думаю, что надо открыть :). Открываю, а там

About ... - Your password/2493280_About__Your_password2 (700x560, 295Kb)

Hello There,

Did you observe one of your passwords (************) in the subject of this message? I will explain to you the way I obtained it. Some time ago you visited an xxx website that was affected with a backdoor that installed itself on your software. The backdoor provides me accessibility in your system, i have collected all your online passwords, accounts, files, information, contacts and so on....
Even in the event you modify your security passwords my backdoor will forever provide me full access to your device. Besides from acquiring all your data, every once in awhile i also activated your cam and obtained a number of shots of you and recorded you while you "pleasured yourself" watching adult material. So there it is... i own all of your passwords, accounts, files, data, contacts plus some very nice pics and videos of you providing yourself a bit of fun.
Do not worry, keep reading and i will explain the way to make sure this has no unwanted affect in your existence.

You could do two things. You're able to pay no attention to this email and this is what will happen if you do: your system will lock-up in a specific amount of time and you will not be allowed to use it ever again. I will additionally deliver all the pics and video clips i have taped of you to all your contacts, friends, family, etc... Imagine the shame!
I am certain you don't desire this so read on.

I live inside a very poor country where i have a rather tough time to supply food and shelter for my family members because it is nearly hopeless to get an occupation here. That is precisely why i do this, that's why i turned into a haker. Don't presume that you are the only person that it's happening to, you just visited the wrong internet site at the wrong occasion.
I will delete all of the material i posses of you and also the backdoor on your device shall be killed when you pay me a fee for my silence.

I have been keeping track of you for a very long time now so i believe $750 is a fair price for my silence, consider this in the form of a contribution to help somebody providing fundamental life needs for his nearest and dearest.

You are able to pay me making use of bitcoins to my personal bitcoin address: 1ND8HnzAEeMkYEWb6WujjKdCTXXn6MBsQX (copy paste this, it is case sensitive).
Utilizing bitcoins is a piece of cake, search Google how exactly to purchase them, lots of sites offer bitcoins available for purchase with debit or credit card, one of them is "coinmama".

At the time you opened up this message it triggered a timer, you have 10 hours since you opened this particular message, my automatic setup will monitor my address for all inbound transactions. When your transfer comes in before its due all your data i have is going to be removed additionally the backdoor in your system will remove on its own and you will never hear from me again and you'll be able to go on enjoying your existence like this never ever took place.
In case the transfer doesn't come in inside of the given time your system will lock up permanently and ALL your contacts will certainly obtain the unpleasant pics and videos i acquired. Your social existence is going to be destroyed!!

Dont reply to this mail, i will not respond.


У меня только один вопрос: как он мог записать как я удовлетворяю сам себя при просмотре XXX сайтов, если у меня никогда в жизни не было веб-камеры?

И чтобы избавиться от иронии, в письме (и в заголовке письма) действительно был указан мой пароль... Но вот только на каком сайте я его использовал я не помню :).

е-маил отправителя: james@undergr0und.ga
BTC отправителя: 1ND8HnzAEeMkYEWb6WujjKdCTXXn6MBsQX

Интересно, много пользователей на это поведется?

Настроение сейчас - злое
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Главный_синоптик   обратиться по имени Воскресенье, 16 Декабря 2018 г. 15:15 (ссылка)
Думаю немало.
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Главный_синоптик   обратиться по имени Воскресенье, 16 Декабря 2018 г. 15:15 (ссылка)
Если они конечно умеют на английском бгг
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